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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Music to rake leaves by

I recently moved from a dingy basement apartment to sharing a house with the owner thereof. It's a wonderful space, and it's a great change for me. However, nice as he is, my landlord is not overly preoccupied with keeping up with the yardwork. I'm not a clean freak by any means, but I can not abide the kind of soggy leaf muck you get if you don't rake the leaves before it starts snowing regularly. I'm very allergic to molds for one thing. So today I raked, and raked and raked, probably 2-3 year's worth of accumulation. Enough to fill a 6 cubic foot wheelbarrow 13 times.

However, on the bright side, from my office area on the second floor of the house is a balcony, and I set a pair of ancient speakers out there, and hooked them to my stereo (which is in the office). They sounded great in the yard, without being too loud to disturb the neighbors.

Play list:
The Delgados-Universal Audio
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones-Devil's Night Out
The Counting Crows-August and Everything After
Shalini-Metal Corner

Tomorrow I mow, unless it starts raining before I've had my coffee.