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Monday, June 19, 2006

You suck your thumb tenderly

Lordy, lordy lordy. Busy weekend of rocking and rolling and drinking responsibly. Friday night if was the Frontside Five new CD release show. Was great fun, and they played a bunch of songs I hadn't heard before, which was cool. Only dark note was the dickhead who kept slamming me from behind, not in an accidental way, which I'm used to at punk shows, but in a "Fuck you for not participating" kind of way.

Saturday it was the Westword Music showcase. I called my friend Dekin around 2 to see if he wanted a ride, and he was over at another mutual friend's house, to which I was invited for a drink, which turned into several hours of World Cup viewing, margarita imbibing, and fajita consuming. Finally got both of us moving in the same direction long enough to make it to the car, and headed down to the showcase around 6. Saw The Laylights, who I thought were pretty good, Born in the Flood, who were incredible as always, and Yo Flaco, who were interesting, but I thought a little uneven. I guess I was exuding an air of knowledgeable authority that day, a couple of people who'd showed up at the main stage for the Yo Flaco set while Born in the Flood was playing asked me about them, and I was happy to shamelessly promote their record.

Then it was down to the Larimer for a set from Buzzard, who are friends of mine who are too lazy to even put up a Myspace page, but bring the hard rock goodness.

Then to the Hi-Dive for Stab! Heart! Kiss! Kill!, who were ok, but not treated kindly by the sound system, which is always dicey there. Then Monofog, who tore it up, despite the sound issues, and a tasty set from The Swayback. In a nice bit of circularity, I watched the Monofog set with the guitarist for Born in the Flood, who I know to speak to, and he was appropriately impressed. Those two bands are so wicked awesome, I want lots of good things to happen to them.

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