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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Six, Six, Six for my sorrow

So apparently Paula doesn't have 6 real bloggers to tag, and has chosen your reluctant hero. This branch of the meme tree may wither and die with me though, since I'm struggling to think of six other bloggers that haven't already been tagged. I'll edit if I come up with some.

1) I always hang up my t-shirts while they are still damp from the laundry and hang them in the closest. Apparently some people dry them completely and fold them instead.

2) I don't like to use bar soap in the shower, and probably have less than 100 times in the last 25 years. I either use shampoo lather or body wash cream soaps.

3) "How old are you?" is a question I think I should be able to answer instantaneously, but I always have to think about it.

4) My eyebrows are starting to grow extremely oddly, and want to stick straight out rather than nestle neatly together close to my head. I feel weird about moussing them but I may be forced to.

5) In other eyebrow news, I can not remember a time when I could not arch my left eyebrow, and I do so easily and naturally. I spent some portion of my youth trying to learn the knack of doing the right one also, but was unsuccessful. Then out of the blue about 10 years ago I suddenly started being able to do it, though I have to think about it, and the muscles on that side aren't nearly as toned and ripped.

6) I am extremely anal about centering my car in parking places, to the point that I will get back in and adjust it if I feel it is too far off. I wax wroth with those that do not at least make a token effort to do the same.

Arguably using language like "wax wroth" also qualifies as a quirk.

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