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Friday, November 12, 2004

Time...For Flying Rockets

I've never been a big Electronica fan, but like most genres, the best stuff will get my attention, and the last Air CD is a fine example of the form. This is a tasty, tasty disc, and is now available on iTunes, though I'm pretty sure it wasn't a few weeks ago when I ordered the CD. The CD does come with a bonus DVD, though, which makes buying that way more attractive.

I've also been giving The Libertines a lot of play. This one is on the Jukebox at the Larimer Lounge, and I've been doing my part to spread the delicious happiness to my fellow denizens thereof.

I got Van Lear Rose this week, and I wish I really liked it. I just don't feel an emotional connection with most of the songs that I get in the country music I really like. This might be a case where Loretta Lynn is just too polished for my taste. I do like a couple of the songs a lot, most notably (and predictably) Portland, Oregon.