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Thursday, March 03, 2005

For a long time I felt without style or grace

I get the excitement and privilege of moving to a new place this weekend, the second time I'll have moved in the last six months, after living in the same place for 15 years. Much as I hate moving, the new place is huge, closer to work, and I'll be living alone again, all of which are good things. On the down side, it's in a neighborhood that is nothing but asphalt and appartment buildings, there's no landscaping to speak of for blocks in most directions, and it's now going to be a lot less convenient to stop at the Larimer for a beer or ten after work.

Speaking of the Larimer, I caught a really good local band there Monday night. They're called Fallout Orphan (three members used to be in another local band called The Penelope Project). Very, very good stuff, and one of them plays a sax, which is always good for points in my book. No Morphine covers, though I toyed with the idea of suggessting it. Based on the crowd reaction, including the Larimer employees I was drinking with, they should be a band to watch.