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Monday, June 27, 2005

Couldn't Get To Sleep Til Five In The Morning

Had a busy weekend of tasty, tasty live music. For a grand total of $5 in tickets I saw 9 local bands, all of whom were more than worth the price. Follow the links for samples, at least streaming, but lots of downloads, too.

Friday night it was Devotchka, who are gaining some momentum nationally and probably technically don't qualify as a local band.

Saturday was the Westword Music Showcase. 9 different venues and around 50 different acts. I saw

Hobbs NM

Hot IQs

Born in the Flood (Absolutely incredible set, the highlight of the showcase for most of the people who caught it, including me)

The Swayback

Love Me Destroyer

Black Lamb (The energy this band throws off on stage could light up a small country)

As if that wasn't enough, Sunday there was a 10 band bill at the Larimer. I was too tired for more a few sets, but I caught:

Monofog (Actually from Ft. Collins, about 60 miles from Denver, they're so good I'd help them move)

Pacific Pride (Can't find a site for them, unfortunately. I'll edit later if I do)

And the Hot IQs again (Much better set, and the sound was so much better at the Larimer there's really no comparison)

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