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Friday, June 17, 2005

Is she really going to take him home tonight?

Presented as a helpful guide, I can't guarantee that none of these would work.

Lines to avoid when you're drunk and trying to pickup a local musician.

"I like your tattoo of two dogs fucking in a dark room"

"The best part of your set was that cover you did. You should do a lot more songs by that band"

"Your (other band member) is really hot"

"I like your hair, my Mom won't let me dye mine that color"

"I've got a home studio, I bet I could make your vocals sound halfway decent"

"I'm a musician too, my friends and I are in a Manilow tribute band called The Man-Dees. Get it?"

"I'm an A&R guy for (Mom's basement size local record label). Want to come back to my place and give me a "showcase"?"

"Did you play already?"

"I've got irritable bowel syndrome and the bathrooms here are gross, can I use the one at your place?"

"I don't have any money or drugs, but I know a guy if you want to buy some for the both of us"

"Would you like to hear my testimony?"

"I'm a freelance rock journalist"

"Hi, my name's Poindexter"

"That amp sure looks heavy, make sure you lift with your legs"

"If you're nice to me I'll blog about your show"

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