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Monday, June 13, 2005

Love Is Such A Beep Beep Feeling

An idea for a meme came to me in the car on my way to work today. As far as I know it's original, but feel free to take credit if you think you came up with it first and my subconscious is playing tricks on me.

Name three goals you have to which you are either currently or at least occasionally working towards:

1) Being paid to perform music

2) Being able to dance for more than half an hour at a stretch

3) Drinking all the liquor in the greater Denver Metro area

I'm liking the new White Stripes CD a lot. It's not quite as rocktacular as White Blood Cells and Elephant, which start with kickass rock songs (Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground, and Seven Nation Army, respectively) but I think the songs on this album might be better and more subtle.

One addendum to my weekend report. On Friday when I was down at Lounge, there were probably 7-8 of us milling around a home base table with 5 stools. A visibly pregnant woman came in dressed like a deadhead, and her friends who were all standing and playing pool asked us for one of our stools for her, which we gladly gave them. We were there for probably another 45 minutes during which time the woman smoked at least 3 cigarettes and downed 2 shots, which we found troubling on a certain level.

Alan is celebrating Christmas in the Summertime