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Friday, May 27, 2005

First rule is

Dragging hard today, which is entirely my fault. Went down to the Larimer last night for a punk show, and didn't get home till after 1, and was too pumped to sleep till nearly three. Highlight of the evening was the last act, assorted personnel from a couple of the better skatepunk bands doing classic punk covers. Pit never really got going, but it was close, and everyone had a blast. Remind not to try to mosh while people are literally climbing on me, though, my knees are too old for that.

This is some of the funniest stuff I've read on a blog in a long time, the comments are where it really takes off.

That's all for now, lots of work to do. Fortunately I have this to keep me awake.

Alan is not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not your academy