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Friday, March 18, 2005

Fire in the Disco, Fire in the Taco Bell

I've successfully passed another St. Patrick's Day without ingesting Green beer. It's one of those holidays that sounds good in theory, but for me has always represented hardcore, chaotic drunkenness, rather than my much preferred low-key, friendly drunkenness.

There's a UGO feature on Ted Leo, including a video of him doing an acoustic version of Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone". Check it out twice.

Be on the lookout for The Decemberist's trailer, which was stolen with all their gear in it. At this point their tour is going to go mostly as planned, including a stop in Boulder about 35 miles away next week, but for me, it's A) On a Tuesday, 2) about 35 miles away, and iii) at a venue I don't much care for.

Some shows I'm excited about in the next few weeks at the Larimer, though. Two nights with Split Lip Rayfield on 4/1 and 4/2, and Electric Six on the 10th.

I've alluded to it in the past, but I'm a big fan of Mimi Smartypants. The other day I was looking in the mirror and one eyebrow hair on each side was sticking straight up. I was sorely tempted to glue sesame seeds to the ends and pretend they were antennae. The difference between me and Mimi though, is that she would have actually done it.

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