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Saturday, July 16, 2005

I don't have the time to watch the stars falling down

What can I say about about Born In The Flood that isn't being said by 500 other people today. These guys are scary good. Well-crafted songs, great sound, impassioned live performance. If they don't hit big it will be a crime. They played two shows last night for a CD release party at the club which must not be named, and I saw both. It was about 110 inside the club and packed solid for both shows. They'll be playing a Sunday afternoon show at the LL on the 31st, and they're going to have to tear the walls out to get everyone inside.

Opening for the first show was a band called Voxtrot out of Austin, who really tore it up as well. Their live performance was outstanding, and they have a great brit-pop kind of sound. Going to beg Scott at the LL to book them up there, I'll keep you posted

Alan felt run down a bit and fell asleep to quiet all his woes