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Friday, September 23, 2005

You've really got some nerve showing up around here

I was chatting over lunch with a friend of mine, and she mentioned that she uses Quark in her job. I'm actually only one KBD (Kevin Bacon Degrees of separation) from the developers of that product, which is kind of weird and circular, if not exactly interesting to anyone else.

Way back before the Earth's crust cooled, I was in a band with Flasshe and DJ Smallberries, and then later the three of us all worked briefly at the same company. DJ S is one of those programming studs that used to get a lot of short term contracts, and he did a lot of work on Quark when it was in the early versions, I want to say circa 1987-1990.

This has been another exciting chapter of Pathetic Tech Geek stories.

Alan used to be dead, but now he's out looking for beer