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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Far from this opera for evermore

Hey, I've had an RSS feed for a while, Flasshe's mentioning it reminded me. The url is http://bigtopal.blogspot.com/atom.xml.

Until now, only doctoral candidates in medieval English could really appreciate Beowulf, this new translation is much more accessible for the modern reader (make sure to scroll down to the translated parts, I promise it's worth it).

I was looking forward to a little karaoke at Bender's and then a (relatively) early night last night, since I was under the impression there wasn't a show, but the second part was not to be. After my blistering and enthusiasticly received version of this song, this cute girl came up and said if I liked Ted Leo (I was wearing my cool new TL shirt), I should catch their set, too. She was playing in a band called The Dollyrots, and it was a really fun set and totally worth only getting 5 hours sleep to see. I've downloaded their album from Emusic, and it's very enjoyable. I swear there's a curse on that place though, since once more there were lots more people doing karaoke then seeing the live touring band next door.

Tomorrow (Thursday, 8/26) night is my performance of "Rise Above" with One Time Only at the LL. Pig roast, Camel giveaways, punk rock, and alcohol, what more could you ask for? There's also at least a fair chance I'll be doing some songs with Black Lamb over the next few months while their regular singer is indisposed. Not really my preferred musical genre, but they're friends and good at what they do.

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