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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Volume is pleasant

Great night of live music last night, starting with a band I hadn't heard before, The Funeral, at the Larimer. Their sound is kind of a cross between Interpol and Gang of Four, an observation I made just before they closed their set with GoF's "Damaged Goods". Synchronicity is everywhere, at the dance club I went to later that night they played The Funeral's version of that song, and regular readers will remember that's a song I was considering covering with One Time Only. Plus the reunited Gang of Four will be playing Denver 10/15.

Then it was off to The Walnut Room for Nightingale, and Monofog. Both sets were blistering, but I have a serious band crush on Monofog right now, so have to give that one the nod. Monofog is playing again tonight at the club which must not be named, and I'm planning to check it out. The first time I saw Monofog, they reminded me strongly of Pylon, for some liquor-addled reason. Probably the somewhat dissonant vocal lines that don't always follow the same rhythmic structure as the rest of the song. I was chatting to their singer about the resemblance and she'd never heard of them (big surprise). I told her I'd send her a couple songs, which you, my faithful readers, can also get if you like.

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