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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Don't bother asking for explanations

So there seems to be some confusion out there. I'm not the Al Stewart that performed "Year of the Cat". The truth is I'm actually Steve Miller.

Heard some great surf rock from a band called The Unearthly last night at the LL. I'm headed down there tomorrow for an afternoon show with two of the best bands in town, Born in the Flood, and Dressy Bessy, plus 3 more bands, The Moths, Voices Underwater, and Thank God For Astronauts. Show starts around 2, I think, but get there early, going to be packed for sure.

Also did a little karaoke last night at Mori. Only a handful of people there, which was strange for a Friday, but it meant I got to do lots of songs, including this one.

I've come up with my punk rock star search selection. I'll be doing Black Flag's "Rise Above" on 8/25 at the Larimer. One Night Only (the punk tribute band) goes on around 10, so even though it's a Thursday you could still make it home at a decent hour if you came by.

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