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Monday, September 12, 2005

Saccharine, I'll not follow you

Hey kids, what's shaking? Long time, no update. Between a too short vacation and anger and depression over the hurricane, I haven't felt much like posting. And today's is going to be short.

I've seen some really good bands lately, especially The Forecast. Though their label is trying to shop them to fans of Bright Eyes and Rilo Kiley, they remind me far more of The Anniversary, and help console me over the demise of that band. Check out one of their best songs, Late Night Conversations, at PureVolume.

Also well deserving of your listening time is SLC's own I am Electric. They're Rock 'n' Roll Best Friends Forever with one of my current band crushes Monofog, who played the same show, and I was most impressed. Somehow or other though, their CD did not transfer over to my iPod correctly, and though I can find individual songs, I can't find the whole disc by band name or album title, so I haven't listened to it all the way through yet. I'll check the tags when I get home.

On September 2nd, I sang lead on a song with this bunch of fellers, and it was a hoot and a half. I'll be doing a repeat performance of two or three songs this Friday, the 16th around 10-10:45 PM at the LL. The cover is $6, but they may be doing comps, and I'll try to get them for folks if I can.

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