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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It was fine at the time

Saw The New Pornographers show last night with Flasshe, and it was most excellent. Our opinions were split on the opening act, The Immaculate Machines. I thought they needed a little more bite to their music and arrangements, Flasshe liked them because they made happy music. Neither of us was that impressed with Destroyer's set. I thought it was kind of the epitome of the tortured artist stereotype, and Dan Bejar fits the visual part of that cliche extremely well, unfortunately. The songs he did with the band were much better. Though he appeared to be somewhat the worse for drink at that point, his vocals were spot on. The NPs set was fantastic, if too short by half at about 70 minutes. No real surprises, other than the dress Neko was wearing, a sheath with a gauzy caftan-like over part. When I saw her carrying in t-shirts earlier she was wearing jeans, like she did when I saw her play solo, but maybe she was going to a Homecoming dance after.

Alan's slow, slow descent into alcoholism, it went