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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Someone sang me throo-ooo-ooo-ough it

The PLUG award nominations are out, and Ted Leo's "Shake the Sheets" is up for both Album of the Year and Indie Rock Album of the Year, and his "Dirty Old Town" DVD is up for DVD of the year. I actually had 6 out of 7 of the Indie Rock nominees before I read the list, and was able to download the 7th, French Kicks' "The Trial Of The Century", from Emusic. The French Kicks album is not startlingly good on just one listen so far, but we'll see. I'm also not as wild as some about the latest Interpol album, but the other nominees are good choices.

It's been a fun weekend, in between going into the office both days (I'm there now, in fact). Friday night I was going to go bowling with some folks from the Larimer, but when we met up at the alley we decided not to wait an hour and a half for a lane. Instead we went to a Yuppieish bar in the Highlands called the Coral Room, where much liquor was enjoyed by all and sundry. About 11, a live DJ came in, and was spinning some good tracks, and we all danced, which I had really been missing. I must admit it makes it a lot easier for me to get out on the floor when there are some bad male dancers already out there, since even though I'm huge, I really can dance.

Last Night I went to Benders for a Skatepunk/Indie Rock fashion show, which was really a blast. Not really my usual kind of thing, but I knew some of the models and the organizer, and they'd all been asking everyone to show up and support the event. Must have worked, since the place was packed, and it's a big room. They had a really fun act going when I came, couple of guys in Argyle sweater vests and fake German accents doing some pretty good Krautrock. Unfortunately I missed getting their name, though they may be a spin-off of Mr. Pacman. Then it was over to the Larimer for sets from Black Lamb and Skulls, a couple of good local Hard Rock bands. Black Lamb was notable for their lead singer, who moved like a cross between Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop, but seem to be completely unself-conscious about it. Skulls wore the obligatory Skull makeup and black skeleton costumes, but were very tight, and a big crowd favorite, since at least half the songs featured audience members on the choruses.