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Friday, October 28, 2005

I got some hazardous chemicals, so drive around to the window

The Hold Steady show Tuesday night was awesome. I got a nifty thing I'll try to post pictures of. Had a nice chat with with couple of guys in the band earlier in the evening, but not in an obsessed fan kind of way, no no.

Inspired by a comment Flasshe left on a another blog.

What song would you least like to hear your medical practicioner playing while you wait or they're examining you?

Some examples:

Burning Inside - Ministry
What the use of getting sober(When you're gonna get drunk again)? - Joe Jackson
I Kill Children - The Dead Kennedys

I recently downloaded pretty much the entire Rainier Maria catalog from EMusic. Great stuff, and unlike my other recent great love, The Anniversary, they're still around.

Alan thinks it's strange how the ears ring