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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Thinking of a master plan

Greetings fellow babies! One of the things that always complicates the process of compiling a best/favorite list of the year for me is I keep hearing stuff I really like late. Such as Thunderbirds Are Now! and now (as the fine folks at Drink at Work refer to him) Tim "MOTHERFUCKIN" Fite!!!. Shame on me for not giving his stuff a chance earlier, but I think I'll cheat and include a song on my mix CD. Speaking of which, I'm debating either going to 2 discs or making an MP3 CD, since there are tons of songs I want to include (though the number of albums in consideration for me is a fair bit less than last year).

I tried to get a crew to play hooky today and do karaoke with me last night, and of the 10+ people I invited, well let's just say a table for two was more space than our group really needed. I had fun though. It surprises me I still get a little bit of stage fright sometimes, and there are times when it's more logical that I would that I'm cool and confident. Anyway, though they have a great selection at Bender's, they're a little light on the old school rap, which I wanted to do as a change of pace from my Elvis/Sinatra/Righteous Brothers/White Stripes comfort zone. Ah well.

Going to a take a week's vacation the end of January/beginning of February. Got a birthday coming and am contemplating some seriously Bacchanalian revels.

Alan is def with the record