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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My mind is all confusion

Hey there! Quiet times here at the Casa de Alan. I am enjoying the beautiful weather though (70s for the highs this week). Especially considering two weeks ago it got down to 10 below with 15 mph winds. Put a serious crimp in my party plans, since I was too much of a wimp to face the prospect of a 20 minute wait between buses to get home, and my car is currently non-operational.

I've been working hard on the Iron Maiden thing, but now I'm not sure it's going to work out. I got lectured yesterday because I wasn't memorizing lyrics fast enough, and am not doing the Bruce Dickinson stage moves. I'm not that guy, nor will I ever be, and I'm not in the kind of physical shape to try to carry that off, which should have been clear from the start. Considering the person lecturing me was the one who approached me about doing the project to start with, I'm a little resentful about what appears to be a dramatic shift in expectations. I made it abundantly clear I'll be glad to step aside without drama if they want to bring in someone else, so we'll see.

Some kickass shows coming up at the LL this month. March 18th it's Electric Six. Not only is that a Saturday night, but the next day is a rest day for the band, so I'm expecting all the stops to be ripped from their sockets. March 20th it's The Dirtbombs. A Monday night, unfortunately, but I'm predicting a personal day in my future.

For some reason, Haloscan is only intermittently sending me comment notifications. If I missed replying to your comment, it's probably cause I didn't realize it was there, and I'll try to remember to check manually.

Alan's got to find, some serious piece of mind