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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Baby, I'm bad news

Lots of new music to listen to this week. Going to try really, really hard to stick to listening to new stuff so I can complete my best of 2004 list before May. However, some quality reviewers have published their's already, and I've picked up some stuff I missed and am really liking so far.

In that Category:
Reigning Sound-Too Much Guitar (Harder edged than I usually go for, but I'm digging it)
Rilo Kiley-More Adventurous (Jenny Lewis' voice makes me happy)
French Kicks-The Trial of the Century (basic "Indie Rock", but a good example of the genre)
The Hold Steady-Almost Killed Me (catchy lyrics performed in a monotone, almost spoken word style, but it works thanks to some great instrumentation)

Stuff Flasshe mentioned recently (though not on a best of):
The Features-Beginning, and Exhibit A (Beginning is ok on first listen, Exhibit A is a snoozer) UPDATE: Listened to Exhibit A again, and I like it much better the second time through.
Starflyer 59-I Am the Portugese Blues (liking this a lot so far)
Dogs Die In Hot Cars-Please Describe Yourself (I Love You Cause I Have To is catchy enough, but I don't feel like I have to listen to the rest again anytime soon)

Going to try this weekend to make a list of all the 2004 albums I have and start trying to rank them. So far, I know Ted Leo is number 1, The Arcade Fire is in the top 5, and The Libertines and TV On The Radio are in there somewhere.