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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Come here baby, I love your company

Paula might disagree, but side 3 and 4 (Disc 2 for you youngsters) of this record is some mighty fine morning listening.

My new clever plan for increasing the fun in Super Happy Fun Time Karaoke is getting the local bands I know to make mp3 versions of some of their songs without vocal tracks for coolth and hipth.

Yesterday, on my way to the bar for the usual Friday night toxification, I stopped at the drive-through ATM at my bank (Cash make the drinks flow). After patiently waiting my turn in the hot, hot, Africa hotness, I pulled up to the terminal and the screen was asking if I wanted my card back or to go to the Main Menu. I correctly diagnosed this as the previous user leaving their card in the machine, and without a moment's hesitation I punched the button to retrieve the card and set off in pursuit of the car that was still in the parking lot of the bank just a few seconds ahead of me, tapping my horn and waving the gold ATM card out the window like Johnny making a pterodactyl. I finally succeeded in getting the driver's attention, got out of the car and handed it to a young lady who was too engrossed in her cell phone conversation to do more than mutter a grudging "thanks" without making any kind of eye contact or other acknowledgement of my humanity. I wasn't expecting an offer of sexual favors or anything, but a little more warmth for all of the two second contact we had wouldn't have left me with a sour taste in my mouth and the desire to go back in time and withdraw as much cash as I could have from her account. And I'm taking the woman by herself/Big intimidating man thing into account. This was at 4 PM in a busy parking lot on a major street with a security guard 10 feet away.

The Friday night ritual was successly completed however, and there were no dead hookers in my trunk this morning, which is always a relief. I had a tasty and delicious cup of French press coffee at SML this morning, and I'm ready and willing to procrastinate the day away.

Only Alan can bring the rain