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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Keeps spiders in her pockets

So happy 42nd birthday to me. Just got back from the Wrens show at the the Larimer Lounge, and I can't think of a better band to play live at my birthday. Not only was it the best live performance I've seen so far this year, it's in the running for the best live show I've seen period. Throw in a couple of Ukrainian Folk Dancers, and there'd be no contest.


Friday, January 28, 2005

Fat cat in a top hat

I feel strangely compelled to see this movie. Hopefully it will be coming to a secret screening room in the sewers under Denver soon. You'll need to be a Post subscriber, or spend a brief moment at BugMeNot.


Monday, January 24, 2005

There's a million ways to sing the blues

Hola amigos. Long time, no post. Life continues on it's usual boring course in general, but I did get a chance to see a great band Saturday night, and wanted to spread the word. They're called The Features, and they hail from Tennessee, a state well-known for it's contribution to the Indie rock canon. They write great catchy songs, and tear it up on stage, which is all I really ask for in a band. I'm not a music critic, so I'm afraid I'll limit my description to saying I really, really like their stuff, and think a lot of other people would, given a chance. I was right about Arcade Fire, wasn't I? Anyway, the first link will take you to where you can get a six song EP from EMusic, and you can stream lots of different tracks at their website. They'll be in San Francisco on Friday, with Kings of Leon, which will be a much better bill than the one I saw.

They were the middle band of three, the first was a local group called Le Boom, who were adequate, but not as explosive as their name suggests. Their second song reminded me so strongly of Elizabeth Daily singing Better Off Dead during the prom scene from the movie, that I kept thinking it was that song.

The headliner was a band called Razorlight, the latest over-hyped wonder from the UK. I left after about 5 songs, and observed to several of my friends that they desperately wanted to be The Libertines, but lacked any talent, and their Moms told them to be home by 9:00. I like this quote from bettawreckonize. "The lights dimmed and this is what I saw: a fresh-faced, under bathed, criminally over-rated pop band who is sure to take the British music press by storm. Where have we seen this before?"


Thursday, January 06, 2005

The spirit fights to find its way

Sorry, can't stay and talk, someone has a gun to my head. Perhaps they're a member of some Thrill Kill Kult.

UPDATE: I've managed to elude my captors long enough to learn that Natalie Portman is apparently set to star in the movie adaptation of "V For Vendetta". Probably not news to anyone else but me, but learn to deal, it's my blog, and I can be boring and repetitive if I want to.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

But you, you speaka my language

I was browsing through the Emusic new releases, and they've recently added the first three Morphine albums, so you no longer have an excuse for not hearing and falling in love with their music. (Well no excuses other than you already have all their albums or it gives you epileptic seizures)


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I feel fine and I feel good

I awoke really grumpy and miserable today. I've been working 6 and 7 days a week since the beginning of December, working on my company's biggest update of the year, and as usual, having to do the lion's share of the work and take the majority of the responsibility. Was seriously considering calling in today and resting, but decided to show the flag instead. Drive in was very nasty, as it's snowing fairly heavily, and it wasn't doing anything to improve my attitude. I was about 5 minutes from the office when suddenly New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" came on the radio, and it was like someone turned a dial in my head from sad to happy.