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Monday, August 07, 2006

I'll Tear Your Mind Out, I'll Burn Your Soul

Don't have time the long blog you all deserve, but wanted to get a few quick hits in.

I saw X and the Rollins Band Saturday Night at the Ogden, and it was just delightful. The guys Henry has backing him up were just fantastic, and he played blistering versions of a lot of my favorites, including playing Low Self Opinion early in the set, which meant I could relax and stop worrying he wouldn't play it.

X was superb, the original line-up, all at the top of their game, almost two hours with encores and they would have played longer I think if it weren't for the Midnight curfew on shows that aren't 21 and up. Almost all my favorites, with the exceptions of Burning House of Love and 4th of July, which my guess would either have been their third encore or which they chose not to play for other reasons (such as Billy Zoom didn't play on 4th of July).

I was also excited about the scheduled opening act, The Riverboat Gamblers, whose records I love and who I hear put on a fantastic live set, however, for the third straight time they cancelled out on Denver. Rumor has it they had transportation problems. I know stuff happens, but if they were a girl my friend Denver was dating I'd be telling Denver to DTMFA.

Sunday afternoon was a beer-soaked punk rock hoedown, featuring Frontside Five, Black Lamb, Tard!, a cool countrified acoustic set from Jett Black, Lyin' Bitch and the Restraining Orders, and me doing a couple of songs with One Time Only. Started off with Black Flag's "Rise Above" which unfortunately fell off the rails right after the break, but was well-received, and The Ramones' "Commando" which we nailed. Some other guys did some songs, too. Read their blogs for details ;P.

Drive by Alan's house late at night, you can see it from the highway above