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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Try to stop what we do

I realize the chances are microscopic, but if anyone was planning on coming to the Larimer to hear me sing tonight, I just found out my song has been cut from the set :( I promise next time I'll wait until afterwards so I'm sure it happens, then travel back in time to let you know in advance.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Far from this opera for evermore

Hey, I've had an RSS feed for a while, Flasshe's mentioning it reminded me. The url is http://bigtopal.blogspot.com/atom.xml.

Until now, only doctoral candidates in medieval English could really appreciate Beowulf, this new translation is much more accessible for the modern reader (make sure to scroll down to the translated parts, I promise it's worth it).

I was looking forward to a little karaoke at Bender's and then a (relatively) early night last night, since I was under the impression there wasn't a show, but the second part was not to be. After my blistering and enthusiasticly received version of this song, this cute girl came up and said if I liked Ted Leo (I was wearing my cool new TL shirt), I should catch their set, too. She was playing in a band called The Dollyrots, and it was a really fun set and totally worth only getting 5 hours sleep to see. I've downloaded their album from Emusic, and it's very enjoyable. I swear there's a curse on that place though, since once more there were lots more people doing karaoke then seeing the live touring band next door.

Tomorrow (Thursday, 8/26) night is my performance of "Rise Above" with One Time Only at the LL. Pig roast, Camel giveaways, punk rock, and alcohol, what more could you ask for? There's also at least a fair chance I'll be doing some songs with Black Lamb over the next few months while their regular singer is indisposed. Not really my preferred musical genre, but they're friends and good at what they do.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Curse Sir Walter Raleigh

This is awesome. Hat tip here, scroll to the bottm for Greg's own hilarious take on the subject.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'll shine up my old brown shoes

It's been a fun week, if a bit sleepless. Thursday I was at Bender's, to see Fallout Orphan, and they had Karaoke going on in the main room. I did The Buzzcocks "Ever Fallen In Love", and pretty well if I do say. Then it was time for the show. It was supposed to have been just a two band bill, but apparently this band had driven in from Portland, only to find that their show was cancelled, so they got added in the first slot. They were called The Loveblisters, and I thought they were awesome. Kind of a jangle-pop thing with some Beach Boys style harmonies. They'll be touring again this Fall, they said, hopefully their next show will be better promoted (and attended). Then Fallout Orphan played, and were great as usual. I don't know why they don't have a huge following, they're so good, and every time I talk to someone new at their shows, they always say how much they dig it, but sometimes it seems like I'm the only one who goes to their shows to see them. The headliner was a band called The Young Republic, a nine piece band out of Boston. Singer and guitarist, Guitarist/Pedal Steel, Violinist/Vocalist, Violinist/Trumpet, Violinist/Percussion (Yes, 3 violinists), Flautist, Keyboards, Bass, and Drums. They had a nice alt-country/country swing kind of thing going, and I liked it, but I thought their songs suffered from overly complicated arrangements at times. They were also horribly mismatched with the other bands on the bill. One other sour note was the side of the crowd, I don't think it ever got over 25, counting members of other bands. That happens sometimes, especially during the week, and I imagine if you're in a touring band on your tour, you have to deal with it. But it must be like rubbing salt in the wound when next door in the main room there were close to 100 people rocking along to karaoke.

Friday night it was the usual happy hour debauchery at the LL, followed by more karaoke at Mori with a bunch of LL folks. Some great singers in that crew, and I even got one of the stagefright-stricken ones to sing along with me on some Cheap Trick.

Last night it was a three band bill at that other club. Started off with The Denver Gentlemen, which is mostly Jeffrey-Paul (of 16 Horsepower) and assorted friends. They were interestng mostly for their instrumentation, singer/guitarist, violinist, drummer, and xylophonist. Definitely not something you see every day. Then it was Born in the Flood, who were awesome as always, and played a couple of new songs. They said they're going to be working on a new full-length this Fall, which should be rocktacular. The headliner was Bright Channel. They're very good at what they do, and they're very popular, unfortunately their style of music does almost nothing for me. Kind of a psychadelic, swirling guitar thing. Without deconstructing it completely, I guess I just like more melody and lyrics.

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Volume is pleasant

Great night of live music last night, starting with a band I hadn't heard before, The Funeral, at the Larimer. Their sound is kind of a cross between Interpol and Gang of Four, an observation I made just before they closed their set with GoF's "Damaged Goods". Synchronicity is everywhere, at the dance club I went to later that night they played The Funeral's version of that song, and regular readers will remember that's a song I was considering covering with One Time Only. Plus the reunited Gang of Four will be playing Denver 10/15.

Then it was off to The Walnut Room for Nightingale, and Monofog. Both sets were blistering, but I have a serious band crush on Monofog right now, so have to give that one the nod. Monofog is playing again tonight at the club which must not be named, and I'm planning to check it out. The first time I saw Monofog, they reminded me strongly of Pylon, for some liquor-addled reason. Probably the somewhat dissonant vocal lines that don't always follow the same rhythmic structure as the rest of the song. I was chatting to their singer about the resemblance and she'd never heard of them (big surprise). I told her I'd send her a couple songs, which you, my faithful readers, can also get if you like.

Stop It
Read A Book

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Making movies, on location

Variety (link via Defamer) is reporting that Anand Tucker has been picked to direct The Golden Compass. While I'm not familiar with Mr. Tucker's work, at least it's not Brett Ratner.

I highly, highly recommend the original Philip Pullman trilogy, which should be immediately purchased from the independent bookseller of your choice. If you have them already, buy another set and give them to your next blind date.

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Monday, August 08, 2005

There are no words left to speak

New masthead picture, remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. What I like about this shot is that it's not obvious which eye it is, at least to me. I obviously need a real camera, though.

I've heard the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album, and I don't get what what all the fuss is about. It's pretty good, but I was expecting the second coming of Peter Frampton or something. Maybe people just want to like a band with that kind of goofy name, which is certainly understandable.

On the way to work I was behind the Tractor part of a Tractor-Trailer rig (aka the front part of an 18-wheeler). Across the top of the back of the white cab was written JESUS in Red letters, and the mudflaps had red crosses on a silver background. I tried to get around to see the sides and front, but traffic wasn't cooperating. I think it would have been really cool in a creepy way if REPENT! or JUDGEMENT! were written in reverse letters on the front grill.

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