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Friday, August 17, 2007

If you listen, with your ears, you will find out, something dirty

I think I want to consume irresponsible amounts of alcohol tonight. If any of you lurkers want to blow your cover and join me, holla.

I had so much fun at the UMS last Saturday I want to do it again this weekend. Make that happen peeps.

Riverboat Gamblers are at the Bluebird on 9/8. It's a Saturday night, so no fucking excuses.

The Hives are playing Denver in October, which would normally be cause for celebration, except that they're opening for Maroon 5 at the Sports-arena-of-bad-sound-and-ridiculous-numbers-of-Chads. If I've mentioned this before, it's because I'm bitter, understandably so in my expert opinion.

Been listening to an advance of the new Stars record, In Our Bedroom After the War. Not as immediately accessible as the last one, but definitely worth a few more listens before I either embrace it or consign it to the meh pile.

In other Emusic news, they recently added the last Blonde Redhead record, 23. If you haven't already sucked the bullet and bought that elsewhere do it now without delay, I'll wait.

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