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Friday, October 05, 2007

I want to be a part of it

This would be a good time to still live in New York. The escaped mental patients that form The Giraffes will be spreading their alcohol-fueled message of shattered hope and depraved love for all mankind to B. B. King's on 10/8 for a free show. If your ears haven't been ruined by too many andogynous Emo bands, check 'em out.

It's no secret to even a casual reader of this blog that I think
Born in the Flood is not only one of the best bands ever to come out of Colorado, but a great band period (and it's not just me that thinks so this time). They'll be tearing it up in NYC from 10/17-10/20 for a series of CMJ related rockularity. There's a non-zero chance I can get you on the guest list for one, no promises though.

Pylon at Mercury Lounge on 11/7. This one sells itself.

In Colorado show news, this weekend it's a Nathaniel Rateliff twin spin, with Born in the Flood tonight, and his side project The Wheel tomorrow, both at the Hi-Dive.

Next Friday the 12th, Dr. Dog with The High Strung bring a double dose of pop and happy hardcore to the Larimer.

Very excited about this one. Ron Fountenberry used to record as The Incredible Moses Leroy. He's now got a full band, and they are called Softlightes. They're bringing their happy, sparkly, tinkly, soulful goodness to The Hi-dive on 10/23.

Rumor has it Monofog and Nathan & Stephen will be sharing the stage on Halloween at the Hi-Dive. If it's true, remember you heard it here first. Otherwise forget I said anything.

The New Pornographers get the first spot on my November calendar as of now, they'll be at the Gothic on 11/5.

Stars have gone from a band I'd vaguely heard of to one of my current favorites in the span of about 6 weeks. Their new album is great (and all their stuff is on EMusic), though it took me a few listens to really get into it, it was well worth the effort. They'll be at the Gothic on 11/6. Maybe I can just crash after the NPs show.

Alan can barely make it out